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Technopreneurs at ISTT Produce Agricultural Superabsorbent Polymers

Technopreneurs at ISTT Produce Agricultural Superabsorbent Polymers


One of the residents at Isfahan Science and Technology Town, a start-up company by the name of Kimia Tarava Tech has managed to produce Agricultural Superabsorbent Polymers with the commercial name of Tarava.

Superabsorbent polymers are polymers which can absorb and retain extremely large amounts of a liquid relative to their own mass (500 times their own weight). These polymers can be used in agriculture to restrict the amount of water that goes to waste during irrigation and extend the time taken between each watering sessions because of their water retaining properties.

These Superabsorbent polymers are widely used in agriculture to lessen water usage and increase product yields. The Increase produced in crops is partially due to the availability of water at root level ready to be absorbed when needed.

Generally speaking this polymer reduces the amount of water consumption for plants with a short irrigation cycle to once per water cycle instead of thrice and for plants with a long irrigation cycle to once per water cycle instead of twice.

The quality of Tarava Superabsorbent polymer is very high because of the procedure and the nano-particles used in their production. Tarava has better qualities in comparison to similar products. These properties ultimately result in higher degrees of water absorption and increased crops. Tarava increases the water retainment quality of soil and thus induces a 50-70% reduction in water consumption and a 10-30% increase in yielded crops due to the constant availability of water and nutrients at root level. It also reduces the amount of fertilizer use and the amount of water vaporization during the summer months, whilst increasing the pace of plantation growth and their life-span, soil ventilation and generally improving the quality of the soil. On average an increase of 5 to7 years in their life-span is expected. This product also protects the environment form the adversities of drought and the wasting of underground water supplies.

This product can be used in fruit farms, vine and agro-crops, dry farming, fruitless trees, green meadows, grass lawns, Golf courses and planting and potting of saplings.

Kimia Tarava Tech Co. was established in 2013 with the intension of producing chemical imports domestically, using new membrane procedures for separating different materials and the distillation of water and waste-water. This company was licensed a knowledge- based company in the field of renewable energy whilst manufacturing a membrane pilot for the distillation of different chemical solvents.

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