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Iran’s Minister of ICT Visits ISTT

Iran’s Minister of ICT Visits ISTT


Iran’s Minister of Information and Communication Technologies, Dr. Mohammad Javad Azari Jahromi, visited Isfahan Science and Technology Town (ISTT) on the 24th Sep, 2018. On this visit he met with the management team of ISTT where he was further introduced to the activities of the residents settled in its Science and Technology Parks and the innovative ecosystem that has thus infiltrated around and well in to Isfahan from the activity of these companies and entrepreneurs. ISTT has more than 500 SME’s settled within its many Pre-incubation and Incubation centers and parks out of which 120 are working in the field of Information-Communication related technologies. The minister was informed that more than 370 technologies have been commercialized by this segment of companies at ISTT and that with further support this number could be greatly increased.

Mr. Azari Jahromi explained that research and development of new technologies in the ICT sector is the responsibility of our entrepreneurs and innovators whom have established or are yet to establish a company in this field; what is needed and expected from the government is the implementation of regulations and rules, the removal of obstacles hindering their progress and development, and the exposure and offering of funding mechanisms for their growth. In this line he then informed interested parties that the ministry has approved a monetary fund worth 5000 billion Rials to be dedicated to ICT related activities and companies.

The minister then helped launch 4 new products developed by the companies at ISTT and then went on to view the many other previously developed technologies displayed at the exhibition area dedicated to his visit.

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