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Resident Company at ISTT Manufactures Transfer Presses

Resident Company at ISTT Manufactures Transfer Presses

A resident company at Isfahan Science and Technology Town (ISTT), Fan Gostar Pouya Co. can now manufacture advanced 120 ton Transfer Presses with an eight stage process and also filtration machines that can separate wax and oil. The R&D unit of this company which is settled at ISTT has been able to make the filtration machine with a drum surface of 540 squared ft. Rotary filtration machines are widely used in the industrial oil production industries and the domestic manufacturing of different types of filters play an important role in reducing existing production intervals and developing the industries dependent to these machines.

Fan Gostar Pouya Co. also works on designing and manufacturing of Distillation Towers, Air Converters, Oil and Gas Storage Tanks, Piping Systems, Tube and Shell Heat exchangers, Industrial Oil Production Chilling Units, Stamping and Hydraulic Presses, Oil Refinery Equipment, Home Appliances, Pressure and Cutting Automation Equipment and Feeders.

With Over 22 years of experience in manufacturing, this company has been able to complete more than 370 major projects around Iran. Such projects often create a high number of employment opportunities as they are mostly projects that have been designed and implemented for the first time.

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