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IRIS Participates in ECOSF Board of Trustees Meeting

IRIS Participates in ECOSF Board of Trustees Meeting

Further to the MoU and cooperation agreement between IRIS and ECOSF, ECO Science Foundation invited IRIS to participate in the 4th meeting of ECOSF Board of Trustees (BoT) as an observer and to make a statement about the collaboration and joint programs of IRIS and ISTT with ECOSF.

Dr. Ghaisari, Governing Board member and Ms. Yazdianpour, Director of IRIS International Relations participated in the meeting that was held at Isfahan University on the 9th of July, 2019 and elaborated on the close working relationship the two organizations have had during the last years and past tenure of ECOSF President.

In addition to this meeting a group of the members of the board of trustees also visited Isfahan Science and Technology Town (ISTT) the following day to meet with the managerial team of IRIS for an up close viewing of its many activities.

During the meeting of the board of trustees, Dr. Ghaisari emphasized on the fact that at present there are more than 580 knowledge-based companies with more than 7000 young entrepreneurs and university graduates working in them in ISTT, the host organization for IRIS. He continued to say that with more than two decades of valuable experience in managing and running a science and technology town the directing team at IRIS is more than able and eager to spread this knowledge to interested international parties looking to foster young entrepreneurs in to becoming sustainable company owners.

Dr. Ghaisari mentioned that the relationship between IRIS and ECOSF has been mutually beneficial and that through the identification and reach of ECOSF, IRIS can offer its services to countries and regions looking to start Science and Technology Parks and Incubators.

He also announced that this year the National Sheikh Bahai Technopreneurship Fetival is going to add an international dimension to its activities by including a special competition for business plans and ideas coming from abroad. This objective has been pursued by IRIS and is a subject of collaboration with UNESCO, ECOSF and other international organizations.

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