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ISTT Resident Company Exports Cryogenic Tanks

ISTT Resident Company Exports Cryogenic Tanks

Pishran Zamharir Aseman Co. was established in 2013 and works in the field of manufacturing tanks that can withstand Sub-Cryogenic temperatures. This company is one of the many successful companies settled at Isfahan Science and Technology Town (ISTT). The innovative potential of the company’s founders and staff coupled together with the support and continuous consultations of ISTT has made it possible for Pishran Zamharir to excel in many fields.

Pishran Zamharir is the only domestic Iranian company that simultaneously designs and manufactures Cryogenic Tanks for Liquid Oxygen, Liquid Nitrogen and Liquid Carbon Dioxide. Not only does this company design its tanks, but it also has its own design style and method.

This company incorporates an active and innovative R&D unit in which it can design and manufacture its cryogenic equipment as per the request of its customers. This process takes into account their desired sizes, pressure requirements, and usability.

Pishran Zamharir is under the contract of a major European company for the ongoing design and manufacturing of large scale cryogenic tanks with vacuum insulation. It also exports its tanks to Iraq and Syria.

This company has established beneficial ties with a company in the Far East and also the National Iranian Oil and Gas Organization for matters concerning the Energy and LNG sectors.

At present the company holds two ISO 13485 international standards for the design and manufacturing of Liquid Hospital and Medical Grade Oxygen Tanks (Cryogenic).

The C.E.O of Pishran Zmaharir, Mohammad Reza Mahmoudian is also the recipient of the National Technopreneurship Award from ISTTs annual Sheikh Bahai Technopreneurship Festival (SHTF) and has received the Asian Science Park Association’s (ASPA) award in 2017.

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