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ISTT Produces Composite Air Fan Propellers

ISTT Produces Composite Air Fan Propellers

A resident start-up at Isfahan Science and Technology Town (ISTT), Setrak Tarh Spadana, has managed to produce Air Fan Propellers made out of composite materials.

Previous versions were made from metals which were much heavier, denser, and had shorter life-spans. In addition to these new features, the composite propellers are designed and installed via limited component soft wares that allows for component analysis of the result. All together the new method greatly improves the efficiency of the air fan by reducing energy consumption in spinning the propellers and generating airflow.

Because the production line requires simpler machines and less capital, the production cost and the final price have been reduced as well. Consumers can now purchase Air fans with higher efficiency at lower costs.

Setrak Tarh Spadana began its activities in 2014 at ISTT. The company first started by producing spare parts and equipment for the aerospace industries. It then entered the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical industries by producing reciprocating compressors. It has since expanded and shifted its main focus to this industry.

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