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ISTT President Participates in WTA Executive Board Meeting

ISTT President Participates in WTA Executive Board Meeting

The President of Isfahan Science and Technology Town (ISTT), Dr. J. Ghaisari, participated in the 40th Executive Board Meeting, the 5th Global Innovation Forum (GIF), and the 16th Hi-Tech Fair of the World Technopolis Association (WTA), held from 21st -23rd October 2019 in Daejeon, Republic of Korea.

This annual gathering was held in collaboration with UNESCO and Daejeon City with the grand topic of “Smart City”.

The theme of the 2019 GIF was “Towards a Smart City from a Sustainability Context”, where diverse perspectives on smart city development were presented and the strategies and experiences of smart city policies and projects in different cities were shared.

The WTA Hi-Tech Fair is a tech exhibition of pioneering SMEs and startups from all over the world which provides a platform for b2b business meetings and various other side events. This year, ISTT resident company, Karapalayeh Co. participated in this exhibition and took advantage of its b2b business meeting privileges.

The president of ISTT as a governing board member of this association was in attendance at the meeting and contributed in the decision making process of this governing body. He also was one of the speakers at the jointly held UNESCO-WTA training workshops.

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