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Representatives of the Syrian Distinction and Creativity Agency Visit IRIS & ISTT

Representatives of the Syrian Distinction and Creativity Agency Visit IRIS & ISTT

The representatives of the Syrian Distinction and Creativity Agency visited Isfahan Regional Center for Technology Incubator and Science Park Development (IRIS) and Isfahan Science and Technology Town on Wednesday, 18th of Dec, 2019. This visit was organized for the Syrian team because of their interest in the Iranian ecosystem and process for developing scientific and Hi-tech enterprises matured over the last three decades. As the pioneering organization for fostering technology SME’s and start-ups in Iran, ISTT is the ideal place for sharing information with individuals and organizations looking to start similar practices in other countries. As such IRIS organized this visit to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and experience from ISTT to the Syrian agency. During the visit the supportive system offered at ISTT including the Pre-Incubation, Incubation and Park programs were explained and the extent to which these programs are effective in the formation of k-based start-ups were elaborated upon. The President of ISTT, Dr. Ghaisari later expressed his hope towards cooperation with the Syrian agency and felt that the opportunity for collaborative work is existent.

The session concluded with a visit to a number of the firms established at ISTT including Behyar Sanaat Sepahan Co., Fanavar Pouya Sepahan Co. and Kavoush Niroo Co. as some examples of the success stories of the system.

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