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IRIS and ISTT Participate in UNESCO Regional Discussion on Role of the Scientific Family during Covid-19

IRIS and ISTT Participate in UNESCO Regional Discussion on Role of the Scientific Family during Covid-19

A webinar on Covid-19 was held on 19 May 2020, hosted by UNESCO Jakarta Office focusing on the role of the scientific family during and after the pandemic.

Isfahan Regional Center for Technology Incubator and Science Park Development (IRIS) took park in this webinar as a category II UNESCO center and so did Isfahan Science and Technology Town (ISTT) as the center’s host and main domestic contributor on issues concerning Covid-19.

The webinar was a special event in the series of regional coordination meetings which have been serving as a platform to promote inter-disciplinary discussion and collaboration for peace and sustainable development. As a special webinar, experts from across UNESCO’s regional science networks made recommendations for a Statement of Action through an animated, interactive and constructive discussion.

The event attracted the contributions of many regional stakeholders including the insights and experience of IRIS and ISTT management as speakers in this webinar. The valuable achievements and experiences obtained in ISTT as an institution stationed at the forefront of the fight against Covid-19 in Iran were shared with the participants.

The Iranian experts elaborated on the measures and activities taken by Iranian knowledge-based companies and science park community to combat the disease. According to experts, more than 400 companies located in science and technology parks have been involved in tackling problems directly related to COVID-19 through the production of materials and medical equipment that combat the disease. They have helped in the early detection of new cases, and the development of online monitoring systems based on ICT advancements. These measures have kept the mortality rate low in Iran to around 6% of serious cases whilst other countries have unfortunately faced much higher rates.

Also, as institutions promoting scientific action and innovation, ISTT and IRIS have closely pursued matters with provincial and national authorities and were able to swiftly finance the needed funds for tenant companies within the first few weeks of the spread of the pandemic in Iran; decreasing the need for imports of medical equipment and hygienic materials to the country.

This webinar that was attended by 1627 registered participants and had more than 4,000 views on Facebook, reaffirmed that UNESCO and its science networks will work collaboratively to mobilize scientific research and innovation across Asia and the Pacific to strengthen the interface between science and society to deliver evidence-based policy actions for managing COVID-19 and other emerging challenges.

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