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Master Plan

Master Plan:


The lands considered for establishment of ISTT extend over an area of 50 hectares on the foothills of Mahmoodabad heights northwest of Isfahan in the proximity of Isfahan University of Technology (IUT). 
ISTT will be strategically located in close proximity to industrial and civil establishments, large industries, and educational and research institutions. 
This strategic location will enable the establishment of reciprocal scientific and research links between ISTT, and industries and educational institutions. 
ISTT’s structural components constitute of: 
  • Research parks 200 ha 
  • Civil space 210 ha 
  • Green space 90 ha 
  • The town’s development space 20 ha 
ISTT will include: 
  1.  Incubation and pre-incubation research facilities, where start-ups will be located. 
  2.  Rental facilities, where established firms will be located. 
  3.  Research centers where large research centers affiliated with organizations and industries will be located. 
  4.  Laboratories and specialized workshops.
  5.  Prototyping units. 
Geographical location


The presence of prestigious universities, large industries, extensive agricultural activities in the region and the abundance of tourist attractions have turned Isfahan into one of Irans main economic poles. ISTT’s proximity to Isfahan is a remarkable advantage for firms and units in town, not only it enables them to establish links with the universities and industries within the region but it helps to expand their economic activities within the city of Isfahan too.  Not to mention Isfahan’ beautiful and historic aesthetics which makes working and living in ISTT that much more pleasant.

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