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General Services
 General Services:


Support services:

Different kinds of secretarial, typing, copying and space services are provided to tenants as general support services. This general support service includes:

  • Settlement services.
  • Storage housing.
  • Use of specialized labs and workshops.
  • Use of the Conference hall and meeting rooms.
  • Administrative facilities.
  • Secretarial services.
  • Use of typing and copying centers.
  • Use of the telephone center.

IT Services:

All research centers in the incubator are connected to each other on-line as intranet through LAN network and with Multi-media facilities. Other facilities at this section include:

  • Improving the cost, security and quality of the existing networks.
  • Access to the ISTT email system through internet and web pages.
  • Providing services and consultation via the web.
  • The ftp site for intranet communications.
  • Providing software and hardware technical and consultation services.


Library Services:

Through its contact with other libraries in the region, the ISTT library provides the following services to its tenant companies:

  • Borrowing books, scientific papers, and information sources.
  • Purchasing standard data banks.
  • Membership in inter-library projects.
  • Access to mechanized registration and order systems.



Training Services:

The support and service department of ISTT frequently holds training courses in order to improve the managerial skill set of its managers, to enhance the competitivity of its tenant companies in target markets, and to familiarize its managers with financial, tax, labor, and insurance regulations. The fields in which these course are held, are:

  • Administrative capabilities.
  • Marketing and Commerce.
  • Insurance and work regulation.
  • Finance and Tax.
  • Legal Affairs.


Consultation Services:

ISTT’s incubators provide the necessary services to tenant companies through the organization of consultation seminars, and also consultation sessions for tax, insurance, legal and research marketing. The following courses are organized and provided to tenants in the first year of their tenancy:

  • Firm registration affairs.
  • Human resource productivity and management.
  • Financial accounting.
  • Tax related concepts.
  • Project feasibility.
  • Planning and project control.
  • Productivity management.
  • Principles and applications of marketing.
  • Principles of management.
  • Conducting Meetings and effective managerial skills.
  • Insurance and labor affairs.
  • Administrative correspondence and report writing.
  • Knowhow about Drawing up Contracts.
  • Time management skills.
  • Entrepreneurship management.
  • Business negotiations skills. 
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