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Introduction and Structure:

Specialized support and the availability of technical laboratorial facilities is the necessity of scientific and practical research. Many research institutions and individual researchers are completely dependant on research equipment and the accessibility to laboratorial instruments.

The technical and specialized section of ISTT puts the development of its group of modern laboratories which are required in the region, high on its priority agenda. In this case, it is expected that the investment placed will be able to increase the dynamism of companies, and also help in the accelerization of the development of scientific and laboratorial methods undertaken to yield the desired research objectives of newly-established institutions and private companies. The laboratories of the incubators have been commissioned to help companies choose and prepare their raw materials, and also assist in the manufacturing and calibration process, to test and help in the assessment of products and potential processes as well as assuring the success of new ideas.

The policy of the technical and specialized section of ISTT is not to invest on advanced equipment and systems that are already available in the nearby universities and regional research and educational centers.


Specialized laboratories:

ISTT specialized laboratories and technical facilities are built to conduct the practical research needed of institutions and companies to help the process of acquisition and transference of knowledge and new technologies, to assist in the assessment and evaluation of value-added products, to increase industrial productivity and to facilitate industrial sections to operate in a modern manor. The main duties and responsibilities of the technical team within ISTT  includes:

  • Providing industrial and laboratorial facilities with the highest rate of productivity to the tenant technology companies as per their requirement.
  • Providing a suitable platform for the laboratorial practices of institutions or private companies.
  • Accelerating the process of acquiring laboratorial facilities for applicants.
  • Attempt to optimize the use of available resources and increase its productivity via the acquirement of new facilities.



The laboratories complex is open to public. All institutions residing in ISTT, other private and state companies and institutions, and university researchers are welcomed to benefit from these laboratories.


The ISTT technical and specialized laboratories complex includes the following different types of labs:

  • Metallurgy engineering laboratories.
  • Laboratory for the identification of mechanical characteristics of materials
  • Chemistry and chemical engineering laboratories
  • Biotechnology laboratories
  • Laboratory of nanotechnology
  • Laboratory of electronics
  • Laboratory of energy and power
  • Laboratory of industrial vibration measurement and analysis
  • General manufacturing workshop
  • Industrial manufacturing workshop


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