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Public Relations Office

Public Relations Office:

Public relations refers to the practice of managing the distribution of information between an individual or an organization (such as a business, government agency, or a nonprofit organization) with the public.

ISTT’s public relations employees act in line to the town developmental goals and in consistency with the mission of macro management for the development of Isfahan Science and Technology Town. This department focuses all its efforts to maintaining the town’s status and dignity, defending its ideals and activities, informing the public of about the different performances of the town, and in general enlightening public opinion.

The main objectives of this department are:

  • Planning, implementing different Policies and the use of appropriate methods to reflect the vision, objectives, activities, and plans of ISTT and tenant technology units to audiences and Medias.
  • Strengthening the spirit of cooperation between ISTT’s employees and laying the foundation for further appropriate relations amongst them.
  • Collecting, summarizing and analyzing the various viewpoints and opinions of audiences and Medias about ISTT’s performance in different fields, and relaying them to the governmental board of ISTT.
  • Planning for the creation of an electronic public relation outlet useful in the guidance and management of public opinion.
  • Connecting with other private and state public relations agencies in order to better introduce ISTT and the achievements of its tenant technology units.

Taking into consideration the different objectives stated, the main responsibilities of this department include:

  • The Introduction and promotion of ISTT as a social and responsible organization in technological affairs.
  • The transference of ISTT’s message to society with the use of its mass media capabilities.
  • To Help attract and establish technological units to ISTT’S incubators, and also assist in the marketing of Sheikh Bahai Science & Technology Park in attracting companies, R&D units and investors.
  • To help develop the communication network of ISTT’S employees.
  • The preparation and implementation of the annual public relations budget.
  • Cooperation in organizing festivals, conferences, seminars and training workshops, etc.


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