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International Affairs Department

International Affairs Department:

The office of international affairs is one of the administrative sections of ISTT that is under direct order of ISTT president, and works closely with ISTT’s vice president in the pursuit of technology development. The office of international affairs has the responsibility to reach out and communicate with other science and technology parks and international organizations. In this regard, this office mainly communicates with international associations of science parks, United Nation’s Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), foreign science and technology parks, Banks and financial institutions.

The promotion of the international relations of ISTT’s science and technology park, and its tenant companies are among the agendas of ISTT’s International Affairs Department.

Amongst other services, this department also provides the service of the seeking out of investors, venture capitals and project partners for the park as well as for tenant companies.

Besides such activities, the international affairs Department constantly follows up on these activities:


  • ISTT membership in international organizations including IASP, ASPA.
  • Establishing relations with UNESCO, and other international organizations.
  • Providing services in the field of international relations to tenant companies.
  • Helping ISTT staff to attend international events and present papers.
  • Maintaining all international communications and correspondence to date.
  • Following up and corresponding on all international affairs in relation to the Sheikh Bahai festival.
  • Inviting internationally renowned lecturers to conduct training workshops.
  • Pursuing all ISTT memberships in international organizations.
  • Conducting all aspects related to the international affairs of Isfahan Regional Center for Technology Incubators & Science Parks Development, under auspices of UNESCO (IRIS).
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