Sunday, January 23, 2022

An IDEA SHOW is a platform to provide fresh university graduates and students the opportunity to share their experiences, their interests and their thoughts and ideas with one another and also other interested parties. It is held with the objective to create a situation in which owners of new ideas can freely promote these notions and ideas in a friendly environment.

Each participant will present his/her idea in 3 minutes which is then judged and evaluated by the jury. The judgment criteria’s include:

  • Understandability of the idea for the audience.
  • Relevancy with the specialization of the individual.
  • It’s being innovative.
  • The possibility of learning and using the idea.
  • Attractiveness to investors.         


The main objectives for organizing this event by ISTT and IRIS are to promote the culture of cultivating new ideas, and familiarizing the new generation with the entrepreneurship and innovation and its potentials. Alongside this event, other programs are also arranged including competitions,and training workshops for innovation and creativity. IRIS and ISTT have already organized many idea shows for the different groups of society.


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