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Business Matching Programs

Creating relations amongst companies active in fields of technology all over the world with the companies settled in ISTT is another part of the services provided by ISTT. These relations are created by the orchestration of domestic international events with all round participation from internataional entrepreneurs, investors, and industry owners and from the visit tours taken by these exhibitors of the companies settled in ISTT. Holding such events in turn feeds the co-creation of side events such as business matching sessions. Participating in international and economic events together with selected groups of managers of knowledge based companies settled in ISTT, which have the potential to lead to economical cooperation between countries and companies are also amongst the other activities that ISTT undertakes to establish business ties and relations. Such established relations are the foundation to creating business and investment opportunities. Apart from the above mentioned activities ISTT’s memorandums of understanding with different institutes and science parks also help path the way to the creation of business oriented relations between settled companies within ISTT and their international counterparts.

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